Shailendra Bhatt

Shalini Passi

Abhishek Sharma

Abu Sufiyan

Adwaita Gadanayak

Aman Nath

Minu Bakshi

Muzaffar Ali

Nishi Singh

Samar Jodha


Our Team

Avinash Sharma

Dy. Director

Diksha Tiwari

Curator - Crafts

Akansha Baral

Curator - Food

Deepshikha Jharia

Head of Exhibitor Relations

Anubhuti Shrivastava

Head Public Relations


Creative Head

Sneh Jain

Head of Business Development

Harshvardhan Gupta

Head HR

Aayushi Jain

Manager - Public Relations

Mayank Singh Thakur

Manager - Digital

Prem Joshi

 Manager - Operations

Tanya Khandelwal

Manager - Outreach

About the Asia Art Festival

Asia Art Festival 2022 is a state of the art, a world class cultural event to bring together audiences and participants from around the world, which in the years to come will go from strength to strength.

The festival will witness a confluence of myriad creative sectors such as Arts, Crafts, Performance Arts, Photography, Culinary arts and Music, coming together to influence a new understanding of the world around us.



Committed to furthering the cause of Indian arts.

To further the business of arts in India.

To mobilize resources through government schemes, sponsorships and direct investments.

To increase public participation.

To create awareness about arts education.

To create global platform for artists from diverse backgrounds.

Ishaan Bhalla


Ishaan Bhalla has been identified for redefining Indian Culture, empowering regional craftsmen, managing national & international art fairs and harmonizing traditional silhouettes seamlessly with contemporary luxury. His contribution to the arts field goes much beyond his trail-blazing career, which has taken him to prestigious platforms all over the world. Bhalla is a renowned curator for design exhibits for art, textile and craft that bring together the best of Indian talent under one roof.

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